Larry Hipp

EVP, Technology

Larry has a passion for developing great software applications, web apps and mobile apps. The thing he enjoys most is mentoring developers to help them write cutting-edge software to solve business challenges.

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Larry Hipp

EVP, Technology - Atlanta

LarryHippis the EVP of Technology and Sales at 352 Inc. With more than 13 years in technology and product development, Larryhas a proven track record of delivering stunning websites and apps. Unlike many technologists, Larryis able to connect all elements of digital strategy: user experience, functional software and digital marketing. As an experienced engineer, consultant and sales manager, he is as comfortable leading client strategy as he is leading a late-night hackathon.

At 352, Larryguides his 10 development teams to create digital products that solve their clients’ greatest challenges. His clients include, Cummins Engines, AutoTrader and more.

Potential Topics:

  • How to Take Your Business from No Mobile to Mobile
  • Discovering Emerging Technologies for the Web
  • Building Effective Teams
  • How to Apply The Lean Startup to Your Business

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