Krissy Scoufis

Associate Director of User Experience

Krissy knows what it takes to make a website more user-friendly, and as a user experience design speaker she can help you figure out how to take your website to the next level.

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Krissy Scoufis

Associate Director of User Experience - Tampa

Krissy is 352 Inc.'s Associate Director of User Experience (UX), with previous experience as an art director and a web operations supervisor. Throughout her career, Krissy has worked to help companies build traditional and data-driven websites to help increase their ROI and boost user engagement. Krissy has worked with some of our most prominent clients, including, Tampa Bay Times, Wells Fargo and Laser Spine Institute.

As a UX Strategist, Krissy studies and evaluates how people feel about the digital products they use and the companies who make them. Whether it is a brand or a digital product, she examines how easy it is for people to use it, their perceived value, efficiency and utility. Understanding user behavior, needs, pain points and context identifies areas of the brand or product that are doing well and areas that need improvement to better meet the needs of the customers.

When she's not working, Krissy can be found reading a book about human behavior, hanging out at the beach or going on walks with her husband, two children and golden retriever. 

Potential Topics:

  • User Experience
  • Persona Development

  • Usability Testing

  • User behavior and motivation

  • Emotional Design


Krissy Scoufis
  • BarCode Camp Tampa
  • Tampa Bay UX Meetup
  • Multiple awards in videography
  • Created an eLearning program that teaches mathematics to children in Mauritius.

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